Birthday Party Surprise

We decided to have a birthday party for my daughter this year and had a hard time deciding where to have it without it costing roughly the same as a new car.   Our focus was more on the it being some basic fun, big enough to contain many children, and the location besides the cost.

In our area there are jump gyms, skating rinks, bowling, and so on.   After reading some reviews about cleanliness and expense I wasn’t sure where to go then I decided to start calling the fast food places that housed play places inside.  It had been a very hot summer and air conditioning was also a must!   After calling a few places I was surprised to learn that McDonald’s had a kids party special.   No one had even mentioned them to me before and we had never even had a friend of a daughter’s have a party there before.  There in lies the surprise portion to our daughter’s birthday party – McDonald’s saved the day!

I was able to secure a few tables and put up decorations before time.  Each kid got a happy meal, ice cream and they included a birthday cake of choice (either vanilla or chocolate.)  It was so economical that I was able to splurge more on party favors and gifts.   The playplace inside was also a huge time killer!

I think the other important element that made the difference was the manager named Shyan who went out of her way more than once to ensure the party was a success.   She was professional, friendly, and very thoughtful.   I could not have asked for a better example of management than Shyan; in fact, I can promise you I have been to other chain restaurants in Cookeville and those managers at Ruby Tuesday, Outback, and more did not come anywhere near Shyan’s level.  I’m sorry but I am not normally a McDonald’s fan.  I don’t go there really except on the occasion my daughter wants to go and in the past I haven’t been impressed with some of the workers that used to be there; however, McDonald’s was the hero with our last visit for the party.

I should also add the day of our party a very nice woman named Karen M. continually cleaned and offered help for us that day too.   She was very sweet and hardworking as well.

If you want to have a kids party in town, call Shyan at the McDonalds on Jackson and Willow, you should be pleasantly surprised!


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