Forget Walmart! I’m going to the Farm!

It is so nice here in Pennsylvania where we have relocated recently.  As usual new places means finding new doctors, new hairdressers, new shopping and so on and so on.   On top of relocating my body decided by some drastic measure that it would stop breaking up histamines.   So my diet changed dramatically!   Here I was in a new area with a really difficult diet to shop for.  Thank God for Gruber Farms!

My husband and his family have known the Grubers for decades.  We were very happy to hear that they had pasture raised meats ( Chicken, Pork, and Turkey).   My family was already on a path to eating organic and hormone free foods but we also preferred the idea that the meat would be freshly butchered and frozen quickly without all that unnecessary processing.  When you are on a low histamine diet you cannot have meats that have sat out in a fridge in the normal supermarket aisles such as Walmart, Publix, and etc.  It is best that the meat is frozen or cooked immediately after being butchered.  Well that task in itself is hard to accomplish.   Most of your normal shopping would mean that the meats have only been cool for a few days.  That means the histamine has been developing all along and that is bad for someone with histamine intolerance!

There are a great many reasons though to choose this alternative to food shopping.  First. . .forget the hassle of going to WalMart . .trying to pick out meat that looks decent and not dyed and hope to God is halfway fresh but you also have to battle the lines, the people, and it is pretty much just a big fat gamble and a lot of frustration!   With Gruber Farms it’s like me just going over to see some great friends. . .I tell them what I need and they throw it all in the sack and I’m done.   It doesn’t get easier than that!

Secondly,  I love that we can take our 10 year old out there and she sees animals living the way they were intended. . .in a field.  Living the good life.  It’s peaceful to me and makes me feel like I am back in Oklahoma where I grew up and that is very important to me.

Third,  the meat is great!  Because of my current diet restrictions I literally have to take say chicken from the freezer directly to the oven and bake it .  I don’t even get to marinate it or do anything to it much less thaw it first.  However, the results are still amazing.  Even when I cook it the lamest way possible the meat is juicy, meaty, tasty, and wholesome.

Last, I will say the prices are very reasonable especially when you compare to normal supermarket costs or even compare it to whole foods you can shop online.   A lot of times the cost comes out to be the same or less than the items you buy in the grocery store that are supposedly grass fed, hormone free ya da ya da . .

I guess John Gruber’s son will make this an 8th generation farm.   That deserves a reward in itself.   Farming is hard hard work.   These are great hard working Americans and I’m so pleased to be able to run down and get eggs from them and support their business then anywhere else.

You should give them a try . . .you will be amazed.  Gruber Farms and all their animals of course . . .are Outstanding in their field!



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