S and T and Merry Christmas to me!

If you haven’t ever watched the show “Hoarders” you should know how miraculous some home organizers walk in and out of a hoarder household after transforming an enormous mountain of junk into a clean neat and tidy cozy home.   I don’t know how they do it but they do and it is of course so much more fun to have a show like that recorded for those of us with weak stomachs and a small attention span.  Because if it is recorded all you have to do is see the beginning of the mess than you can simply fast forward to end of the show where the task is completed.   I know it’s cheating to do that.   Who cares?  It is so nice to see something so awful made so nice in a matter of minutes.  It’s the same as someone handing over a big fat mess and with the wave of a magic wand the mess has disappeared.   Well I think the people at S&T bank are about that good in my book. .  .

I recently moved to Pennsylvania when some huge developments in my business and personal life required specific banking accounts – a little complicated and more overwhelming than normal.   I have had experience in working with very large banking institutions such as :  Wells Fargo, Suntrust, Bank of America, and many more but I gotta tell you the bigger some of them are the more the runaround.   I had multiple dealings with Suntrust in particular and every time I called and went through a minimum of 2 people just to get to a supervisor each time the answer was different to the same question.  No one cared. . . no one showed accountability, and it was just a huge migraine.   Then my father-in-law told me to try S&T Bank.   Boy what a difference!   There weren’t 3 million untrained, uncaring people to get through on each call; just one person each time solving each issue at every moment all the while taking as much frustration out of the situation as humanly possible.

I have talked to a few people during my experience with them in the last few months; however, I worked mostly with Lori and Lisa.   I was continually greeted with a smile, a warm handshake, and the utmost courtesy.   Being involved with multiple business matters, several deadlines, while trying to re establish in a new community just made me more stressed when it came to taking care of some of the financial aspects.  Lori made everything simple and smooth.  For me it was like I walked into the bank with a handbag full of papers and then left with everything organized, balanced, and completed.   AHHHH what a relief!  I didn’t have to threaten, argue, complain, or strangle anyone to have them do their job like at Suntrust.   I just said “Here ya go, . . this is what I need to do.”   And then a few days later I walked back in to the bank to learn everything was taken care of . . and not just kind of taken care of but like “RED CARPET treatment” taken care of.   Lori saw to the tiniest detail of my accounts and went over and above what was required.   She gave me a great restart on several situations and I am so grateful.   Even when Lori wasn’t there, Lisa took care of me without skipping a beat.  I didn’t have to backtrack, or rehearse; things went right along as planned.  In addition, Lori also helped me earn more money by alerting me to other types of accounts available.  Lisa and Lori looked out for me from the very beginning and I have full confidence in S&T because of everyone that helped me since I started doing business there.

If you need a bank that is reliable, helpful, and small town hearted, Lori Otte-Bailey and Lisa Esser-Laugand are just two of the wonderful people working for you at S&T.  Give yourself a great Christmas present this year and visit them.  You’ll be thankful you did!


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